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Lindinet 20 Krampf

Monophasic oral contraceptive ICD lindinet 20 Krampf readings: Film-coated tablets light yellow color, round, biconcave, both lindinet 20 Krampf without inscriptions; On a break of white or almost white color with a light yellow edging. Oppresses the secretion of gonadotropic hormones in the pituitary lindinet 20 Krampf. The contraceptive effect of the drug is associated with several mechanisms.

The estrogen component of the drug is ethinyl estradiol, a synthetic analogue of the follicular hormone estradiol, which, together with the hormone of the yellow body, regulates the menstrual cycle. The gestagen component is Gestodene, a derivative of Nortestosterone, which is superior in strength and selectivity to the action of not only the natural hormone of the yellow body, progesterone, but also other synthetic gestagens eg, levonorgestrel.

Due to lindinet 20 Krampf high lindinet 20 Krampf, Gestodene is used in low dosages in which it does not display androgenic properties and has almost no effect on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Along with these central and peripheral mechanisms preventing the maturation of an ovum capable of fertilization, the contraceptive effect is due to a decrease in the susceptibility of the endometrium to the blastocyst, as well as an increase in the viscosity of the mucus located in the cervix, which makes it relatively impenetrable for spermatozoa.

In addition lindinet 20 Krampf the contraceptive effect, the drug Die Behandlung von Thrombophlebitis Kurs regular reception has a therapeutic click, normalizing the menstrual cycle and contributing to the prevention of the development of a number of gynecological diseases, lindinet 20 Krampf. After oral lindinet 20 Krampf, it is quickly lindinet 20 Krampf completely absorbed from the digestive tract.

Gestodene binds to albumin and globulin, which binds sex hormones SHGG. An increase in the level of SHBG in the blood caused by ethinylestradiol affects the level of Gestodene: Lindinet 20 Krampf V d - 0. The pharmacokinetics of gestodene depends on the level of SHBG.

Concentration of SHBG in blood plasma under the influence of estradiol increases by 3 times. With daily intake, the concentration of Gestodene in the blood plasma increases by times and reaches lindinet 20 Krampf in the second half of the cycle.

Gestodene is biotransformed in lindinet 20 Krampf liver. The average plasma clearance is 0. The level of Gestodene in the blood serum is reduced biphasic. After ingestion, ethinylestradiol is absorbed rapidly and almost completely.

It is subjected to aromatic hydroxylation with lindinet 20 Krampf formation of hydroxylated and methylated metabolites, which are present in lindinet 20 Krampf form of free metabolites or in the form of conjugates glucuronides and sulfates.

The metabolic clearance from the blood plasma is about ml. Concentration in serum decreases in two phases. Ethinyl estradiol is released only in the form lindinet 20 Krampf metabolites, in the ratio 2: Lindinet 20 Krampf taking the last pill from the package, do an 7-day break, during which the withdrawal bleeding occurs. The next day after the 7-day break ie, 4 weeks after taking the first tablet, on the same day of the weekthe drug is resumed. In these cases, additional contraceptive methods should be used in the first 7 days.

After abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy you can start taking Lindineth 20 immediately after surgery. In this case, there is no need for additional methods of contraception. After childbirth or mit Krampfadern Venen tiefe abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy You can start taking the drug on day.

At a later start of the lindinet 20 Krampf in the first 7 days, an additional, barrier method of contraception should be used. In the case of sexual contact before the start of contraception, before starting the drug should be excluded from pregnancy or postpone the start of admission before the first menstruation.

If the interval in taking the tablets was less than 12 h, then the contraceptive effect of the drug click not reduced, and in this case there is no need for an additional method of contraception.

The remaining tablets should be taken at the usual time. If the interval lindinet 20 Krampf more than 12 h, then the contraceptive lindinet 20 Krampf of the drug may decrease.

In such cases, the missed dose should not be filled, the drug should be taken as usual, however, in the subsequent 7 days, an additional contraceptive method lindinet 20 Krampf be used. If at the same time there are less than 7 continue reading remaining in the package, the preparation from the next package should be started without interruption.

In this case, bleeding cancellation does not occur until the completion of the drug from the second package, but may appear bleeding or breakthrough bleeding. If bleeding cancellation does not occur after the completion of taking the drug from the second package, then before continuing with the drug should be excluded from pregnancy. In such cases, follow the instructions for skipping the lindinet 20 Krampf of tablets. If the patient does not wish to deviate from the usual contraceptive regimen, the missed tablets should be taken from lindinet 20 Krampf package.

The shorter the break, the more likely the lindinet 20 Krampf of breakthrough or smearing bleeding during taking the tablets from the next package similar to cases with a delay in menstruation. Menstruation can be delayed as long as just click for source until the end of taking the last tablet from the second package. When menstruation is delayed, breakthrough or spotting bleeding may occur.

From the cardiovascular system: Other side effects occur more often, but less severe. On the lindinet 20 Krampf of the reproductive system: From the digestive system: From the side of the central nervous system: From the sense organs: From the side of metabolism: Before starting the drug, it is necessary to conduct general medical detailed family and personal history, measurement of blood pressure, laboratory tests and gynecological examination including examination of mammary glands, pelvic organs, cytological analysis of cervical smear.

Such a survey during the period of taking the drug is carried out regularly, every 6 months. The drug is a reliable contraceptive: Perl index the indicator of the number of pregnancies that occurred during the application of the method of contraception in women for 1 year with proper application is about 0. Due to the fact that the contraceptive effect of the drug from the onset of admission lindinet 20 Krampf fully manifested to 14 day, in the first 2 weeks of taking the drug, it is recommended to additionally use non-hormonal methods of contraception.

In each case, before the appointment of lindinet 20 Krampf contraceptives individually evaluated the benefits or possible negative effects of their reception. This issue should be discussed with the patient, who after receiving the necessary information will make a final decision on the preferences of hormonal or some other method of contraception.

The state of lindinet 20 Krampf health must be carefully monitored. Epidemiological studies have shown that there is a link between the intake of oral hormonal contraceptives and an increased risk of arterial and venous thromboembolic diseases including myocardial infarction, stroke, deep vein thrombosis of lindinet 20 Krampf lower extremities, pulmonary embolism. The lindinet 20 Krampf risk of venous thromboembolic diseases has been proven, but it is significantly less than during learn more here 60 cases per thousand pregnancies.

When using oral contraceptives, arterial or venous thromboembolism of hepatic, mesenteric, renal vessels or retinal vessels is very rare.

If you suspect a genetic predisposition, you must consult a specialist before using the drug. In these cases, a temporary discontinuation of the use of the drug is contemplated not later than 4 weeks before surgery, and resume not earlier than in 2 weeks after remobilization.

It should be lindinet 20 Krampf in mind that diabetes mellitus, systemic lupus erythematosus, haemolytic uremic syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, sickle cell anemia, increase the risk of venous thromboembolic disease. It should be noted that resistance to activated protein C, hyperhomocysteinemia, deficiency of proteins C and S, deficiency of antithrombin III, the presence of antiphospholipid antibodies, increase the risk of arterial or lindinet 20 Krampf thromboembolic diseases.

Symptoms of thromboembolism are:. Some studies have reported increased incidence of cervical cancer in those women who have long taken hormonal contraceptives, but the results of research are contradictory.

In the development of cervical cancer, sexual behavior, infection with human papillomavirus and other factors play a significant role. A meta-analysis of 54 epidemiological studies has shown that there is a relative increase in lindinet 20 Krampf risk of breast cancer among women taking oral hormonal contraceptives, however a higher detection lindinet 20 Krampf breast cancer could lindinet 20 Krampf associated with a more regular medical examination.

Breast cancer is rare among women younger than 40 years, regardless of whether they take hormonal contraceptives or not, and increases with age. The intake of tablets can be regarded as one of many risk However, a woman should be advised of the possibility of a risk of developing breast cancer, based on an assessment of the benefit-risk ratio protection against ovarian cancer and endometrium.

There are few reports of the development of a benign or malignant liver tumor in women who take long-term hormonal contraceptives. This should be borne in mind in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain, which may be associated with an increase in liver size or intraperitoneal bleeding.

Chloasma can develop in women who have this disease in a history of pregnancy. For women who are at risk of developing chloasma, avoid contact with sunlight or ultraviolet light while taking Lindineth The effectiveness of the drug may decrease in the following cases: If the patient simultaneously takes another drug that may decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills, additional contraceptive methods should lindinet 20 Krampf used. The effectiveness of the drug may lindinet 20 Krampf if after several months of their application irregular, spotting or breakthrough bleeding occurs, in such cases it is advisable to continue taking the tablets before their end in the next package.

If the menstrual bleeding does not start lindinet 20 Krampf the end of the second cycle or the acyclic spotting does not stop, stop taking the pills and resume it only after the pregnancy is excluded. Under the influence of oral contraceptive pills - in connection with the estrogen component - the level of certain parameters functional parameters of the liver, kidneys, adrenal lindinet 20 Krampf, thyroid gland, hemostasis, levels of lindinet 20 Krampf and transport proteins can vary.

After suffering acute viral hepatitis, the drug should be taken after the normalization of liver function not earlier than 6 months. With diarrhea or intestinal lindinet 20 Krampf, vomiting contraceptive effect may decrease.

Do not stop taking the drug, you need to use additional non-hormonal methods of contraception. Smoking women have an increased risk of developing vascular diseases with lindinet 20 Krampf consequences myocardial infarction, stroke. The risk depends on the age especially in women older than 35 years and on the read article of cigarettes lindinet 20 Krampf. The contraceptive activity of Lindineth 20 decreases with simultaneous administration with ampicillin, tetracycline, rifampicin, barbiturates, primidon, carbamazepine, phenylbutazone, phenytoin, griseofulvin, topiramate, felbamate, oxcarbazepine.

Contraceptive effect of lindinet 20 Krampf contraceptives is reduced when these combinations lindinet 20 Krampf used, breakthrough bleeding and menstruation disorders are more frequent. During the reception of Lindineth 20 with the above drugs, and also during the 7 days after the completion lindinet 20 Krampf the course of their intake, it is necessary to use additional non-hormonal condom, spermicidal lindinet 20 Krampf methods of contraception.

When using rifampicin, additional methods of contraception should be used within 4 weeks after completion of the course of its administration. With the simultaneous use with Lindinet 20, any drugs that increase the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the absorption of active substances and their level in the blood plasma.

Sulphation of ethinylestradiol occurs in the wall of the intestine. Preparations that are also subjected to sulfation in the wall of the intestine including ascorbic acidcompetitively inhibit sulfation of ethinyl estradiol and thereby enhance the bioavailability of ethinylestradiol.

Inducers of microsomal liver enzymes reduce the level of ethinyl estradiol in the blood plasma rifamycin, barbiturates, phenylbutazone, phenytoin, griseofulvin, lindinet 20 Krampf, hydantoin, felbamate, rifabutin, oscarbazepine. Inhibitors of liver enzymes itraconazole, fluconazole increase the level of ethinyl estradiol in blood plasma. Some antibiotics ampicillin, tetracyclinepreventing intrahepatic circulation of estrogens, reduce the level of ethinyl estradiol in plasma.

Ethinyl estradiol by inhibiting liver enzymes or accelerating conjugation primarily glucuronidation can affect the metabolism of other drugs including cyclosporine, theophylline ; the concentration of these drugs in the blood plasma may increase or decrease. With the simultaneous use of Lindineth 20 with preparations of Lindinet 20 Krampf.

Lindinet 20 Krampf Es kann bei 20 lindinet Varizen genommen werden

Lindinet 20 Krampf kennt die Situation, wenn man in einer sportlichen Belastung auf einmal ein Stechen, Zwicken und Ziehen in einem Muskel verspürt. Klassifikation nach ICD; R Synkope und Kollaps Blackout Ohnmacht. Professor Wolfram Delius, Es ging un die Ohnmacht danach und da nun alles geklärt ist. Ein Kollaps, eine Ohnmacht oder Synkope dauert nur ein paar Sekunden lindinet 20 Krampf ist selten lebensgefährlich.

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Lindynette 20 is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide. A list of US medications equivalent to Lindynette 20 is available on the website.
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ЛИНДИНЕТ табл. 20 * 21 ЛИСТОВКА: ИНФОРМАЦИЯ ЗА ПОТРЕБИТЕЛЯ ЛИНДИНЕТ 20 75 микрограма / 20 микрограма обвити таблетки гестоден / етинилестрадиол LINDYNETTE 20 75 micrograms / 20 micrograms coated tablets gestodene / ethinylestradiol.
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